Parcels are sent...

The last of the parcels went out today. Still a lot to be done in the next few weeks, but I see a glimmer!

Do I look as good as I feel?

Less than 3 hours to December. 
A month that contains, among other things... rest!!

Bear with me?

Santas, and Thanks...

First, Nicole and I want to thank all of you for making it a great Fall - Winter show season.
(The plan was to take today off, but I find myself at work again!)
So many projects to complete before Christmas.

In the meantime, I wasn't going to bother posting any pictures of these guys since they sold before I had a chance. But so many of you have said that you'd like to see them anyway.

sold out.

I did a few different styles of these this year, all about 18 inches tall. 
I'll try to post some others later on, but... 
(at the moment we need a little break from Christmas.)

One more Day in the Country!

(upholstered with antique European grainsacks with original early text.)
For those of you who told us you wish you could have come, 
or wish you would have bought,
or didn't reach fast enough...

... we've decided to extend the sale for one more day.

We're busy restocking, re-organizing

getting ready for one more day

Saturday, November 24th   10am - 4pm
903 Haldibrook Rd.  
Caledonia, On

Hope you can make it!!

Victorian scrap

sold out
A few of Nicole's reproductions of tiny antique Victorian batting ornaments.

sold out

3 more available, $12 ea

sold out
sold out

Tiny little people, pinecones, icicles... made from bits of aged batting, pasteboard, scrap faces, and dusted with mica.
(Sizes and faces may vary)
Prices in Canadian $$

Thanks to K&Co., (an amazing blog from Copenhagen) for their post "Min Jul" last Christmas, which provided the inspiration on the first one, and started the ball rolling.

Santo Nicolas


My reproduction of an early Santa figure, (whom I've nicknamed Santo Nicolas since I never found time to do the Santos that I have been wanting to do all year).
I love the detailing on this one. The wide set passive eyes, threadbare moustache, ratty, stained clothes, faded tree... No jolly old elf.

About 18 inches tall.


Getting together some music for what I expect to be a late night in the studio,
and thought I'd share what is one of my favorites on such an occasion.

Happy Halloween

We've been beavering away, prepping for our upcoming sales. 
Chomping at the bit to post some pictures of new stuff, but almost everything we've been working on is for Christmas, and it's too early for that.
Or is it?
Only a week and a half until our Vintage Christmas Open House!

Hope you can make it,  November 9th - 11th.
(see previous post)
In the meantime, I'll get some pictures on here soon.


 Just a note of thanks for a great show... especially to those of you who braved the cold wind, rain and drizzle. As usual, I didn't take many pictures, aside from these few during set-up.
Some of you may notice that I have replaced a few of the sold pieces... I'll be updating the "now available" page here on the blog shortly.

With only 4 weeks to go until the next sale, we had to hit the ground running.
Please stay tuned for info about that... I'll be posting that shortly too.
Again... Thanks!

Mora Clock


I just finished this clock yesterday, and since our first show of the season starts tomorrow, I thought I'd give a quick preview.
About 79 inches tall, made from new pine with a heavily distressed white over grey paint finish. Convex glass, hand-painted face and quartz movement. 
All handmade moldings, and 3 interior shelves.

Though technically not a Mora clock, I had seen the original on a Swedish blog and fell in love with it.
(Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the blog, so if anyone recognizes it please let me know.)
Update... Found it. It was ...check it out, here.

Hope to see some of you at the show this weekend.

Consistently Awestruck

Yesterday I received the new Obsolete catalogue in my inbox...
I was so struck with both the contents and the fact that they manage to consistently raise the bar...
I had to share a few of my favorites.

Click here to see the full catalogue, or here for the Obsolete website.

(No, I don't own shares... just obsessed.)

Black Stone

(For Justin, who asked for "More music - something haunting"...)

by Chris Clark

Grey skies...

... clean air, clear head, 

 little blue deer via new victorian ruralist

... muted colours
... Good riddance, Summer.

Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Festival

 Our Next show...
The 38th Annual Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Festival
 October 5th - 8th,  2012

Ball's Falls Conservation Area
Jordan, Ontario
10 am to 5 pm daily.

for info, click here or here
or for a map and help getting there, click here.

Hope to see you there!

(Since a few of you asked... following that, our next scheduled show is our 
Christmas Open House
 on the weekend of November  9th-11th)
I will be posting info about that in October.

Linen Cushions

Sold out.

20" x 20" cushions in new heavy, nubby, soft linen.
Individually hand dyed for inconsistency of colour, hand 'texted' and distressed.
Some have crude repairs, patches, and stains for the look of old, re-purposed fabric.

The Harvest

The Harvest, by Christine Annas
This has always been my favorite time of year, and this year more than ever. After some kind of plague that had me on my back for almost 2 weeks, I'm now back to feeling 100%. And now, finally, the air has cooled, humidity dropped, (at least for now)... and we're running. 
Less than 4 weeks until our next show (which I'll post about shortly) and we're rushing to make up for lost time. 
But, there's lots of new stuff finished and much more in the works, so please stick around.
I'll try to get some new pictures up tomorrow.

Small document box


Small document box that I made from thin-planed pine and finished with a stained and battered putty-colour paint finish. 
Hand-hammered escutcheon made from old tin and nails.
9 inches wide x 6 inches high x 5 inches deep.

French file boxes

only one left... M: Giraudet, bottom box, above

My reproductions of 19th century antique French file boxes.
Sizes range from 11.25 inches to 11.5 inches tall and 5.75 inches to 7.25 inches wide. All are about 12.25 inches deep (plus knob.) Sides are hinged to open (as in lower photo) with distressed ribbon tie closure.
Very sturdy double and triple laminated millboard with distressed painted finish and gold text and detailing.
$120 each (CAD).

(Antique French documents available at Oscar Naylor, here)

Navy dartboard


                                A custom dartboard in navy blue, white and grey.
19" wide x 20" high.

(Part of a recent humidity-delayed custom order.)
 Please don't think this means I'm taking custom orders yet.
; )
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