Toes north...

It has been a long and busy season, and I'm happy (and not the least bit guilty) to finally assume position for the holidays.
A big thanks to our friends, customers and supporters for making 2014 a great year.
Wishing you all Happy Holidays and all the best for a healthy, creative and prosperous New Year.
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Dresdens? Ex-Votos? Milagros?

Some new ornaments I have been experimenting with this season.
Made from paper pulp pressed into my own hand-made moulds,  in
a dark hand-burnished and aged silver pulver finish.
Backs are flat or concave.
- sold out -

The halls are decked...

For our final show of the season!

 A Day in the Country, Christmas 2014
this weekend!!
903 Haldibrook Rd. Caledonia, On
Saturday and Sunday, November 15th & 16th
10 am - 4 pm
(scroll down to the previous post for more info.)

A few pictures taken during set-up today...

We are only one of many booths, and are amazed at the
incredible selection that everyone involved is offering.
I promise, you won't be disappointed!
Hope to see you there!!

Wallpapers, Curtains, Books....


A large reproduction sign on pine.
Approx. 71 inches long x 22 inches high.
Original was gold on a blue field, and significantly larger at 101 inches.
Front view

Cathedral Candlesticks

A close-up of some new cathedral candlesticks, in my heavily aged and oxidized paint finish.
Heights range from 8 inches to 32 inches.
Update: 2 smaller sizes have sold.... available sizes are now 16" to 32 inches

Christmas Open House 2014

Hope you can join us this weekend for our...
Christmas Open House
Friday Evening, November 7th   6pm - 9pm
Saturday, November 8th   9am - 5pm
98 Broadway Street West
Paris, Ontario
One of my new Santa figures for this season,
a little more than 24 inches tall.
Pine and papier mache, with Dresden-trimmed aged batting coat , holding a distressed toy trumpet and handmade bottle-brush tree.
(Other styles and colours available)
Update: the white ones have sold out.
Eye detail.
"He sees you when you're sleeping..."



My altered reproduction of a late 19th century American trade sign.
Hand-painted on a chamfered pine panel.
Approx. 48 inches long x 19 inches high.

Update: Sold. 
Available at the show, Oct. 10th-13th.
For info on the show, click here

Apothecary candles

Our new 12 ounce jar candles for this season... now in a French apothecary style package.
(and just in case you prefer the Laboratoire jars from last year,
 we did a batch of those too.)

French Clock Face

My newest large reproduction French clock face, in wood and mixed media painted to resemble aged zinc.
Approx. 32" diameter
Tells the right time twice a day.

White Heron

My life-size white heron, made of white burlap, wood, muslin, papier mache, wire....
Approx. 32.5inches tall, 31.5inches tip to tail.


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"Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide."
                                                                                               - D.W. Winnicott

Industrial clock


My Industrial clock, using old convex glass.
I repainted the old frame, made and painted a new wooden face, custom made hands and added a new quartz battery-powered movement. 

Hanging bookcase

A reproduction hanging bookcase that I recently made of new pine, with both handmade and antique mouldings. Aged white exterior and very worn grey painted interior. Half-lap back boards, with built in mounting brackets.
Approx. 43" high x 34"wide x 11"deep.

Portrait of a young woman


Reproduction portrait in watercolour and acrylic on aged paper. 
Distressed antique frame with original glass.
22.5"H x 19.25W including frame.

City Drug Store sign


My reproduction of a late 19th century drug store sign.
Wood,  48"wide x 31"high x 1" thick.
Entire circumference edged with strapping, attached with rusted tacks.
Rusted and aged hanging hooks.

(click photo to enlarge)

Doe and Hope (and beyond hope)

Taxidermy Hooded Crow on a Victorian c.1880 Chair

 I have been laying low.
Trying to avoid distractions and finally get the upper hand on the long list of projects that have been waiting for me. 
Meanwhile, I've been suffering from withdrawal from my favorite websites like Doe&Hope, and today I broke down and took a peek.
With images like these, how am I supposed to get back to work?

I've updated my favorites list in the right column. If you haven't visited some of them in a while, please do. 
As for me? A lot of new work coming soon. Just in time for the first show of the season. Details to follow, soon.


Eric Lafforgue via artpropelled

 Seems the longer the winter stretches on, 
the more I'm listening to this one.
(... and the louder it becomes. Sorry, neighbours.)

Small sideboard, big personality

A rustic sideboard that I made from new pine, in a  
heavily distressed, faded and layered black paint finish.
Tapered legs, hand-planed mouldings 
and small door with handmade wooden pin-hinge.
42.5" wide x 31" high x 12.5" deep.

Church bench

44" L x 17"H x 12.5"D
in very distressed "old bone" paint.

Up-cycled Industrial lighting

One of my (many) newly made industrial-style lights, made up of found objects and recycled lamp parts, and finished in a very "oxidized zinc" paint finish.
I did 2 of this style, which are about 12.5" in diameter x 16"tall, plus a 36"chain and mounting canopy.
(CSA approved electrical
More styles to come.

paint detail

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