All Dark and Handsome...

photo source here

(why don't they make cameras that look like this anymore?)

photo Gabrielle Malmberg,  source via MasterHenriks 

photo via Obsolete 

Just a few of my favorites from brown dress with white dots...a great tumblr that I only recently discovered. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the sources for most of the photos, so if any of you are familiar with them and can fill me in, I'd appreciate it. (My email address is in my 'about me' profile, or you can leave a comment) Thanks.

Looking at the soul...

Just stumbled across the Axel Vervoordt introspective on 1stdibs. Check it

Can't find the words...

All images, The Paper Mulberry

If you follow my blog, you know what a huge fan I am of Glenda Steel's blog The Paper Mulberry. So imagine how honoured I was this morning to find one of my pieces included in today's amazing post Hemp and Grain. I don't know what else to say, except "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...."

Home away from home

I just got back from out west, escaping the heat and visiting family and the farms where Nicole and I grew up. It was pretty amazing...I didn't realise how much I missed driving down seemingly endless dirt-roads, through a giant patchwork of wheatfields and blooming canola....
picking buckets of raspberries and saskatoons....
under that massive sky....with my beautiful girl. (Come home soon.)
           William Fitzsimmons - Beautiful Girl           photos via here, here, and here.

It's all cool...

a faded palette

a faded palette
Spending a few much-needed days in cooler climate. In the meantime, just a couple of random pictures (some sources unknown) that caught my eye.  New posts will resume shortly.

Smitten Kitchen

Flatbreads with honey, thyme and sea salt.

Just one of the many, many reasons we love Smitten Kitchen.

National Parks Project

Athabasca Falls, Jasper, Alberta
photo Marc Adams

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to spread the word on this great project that I only recently learned about. I'm probably late coming to the table on this, but if it's new to you too, it's really well done and well worth checking out.
In 1911, Parks Canada was founded, becoming the first National Parks service in the World. On the eve of it's centennial, Canada's finest artists embarked on a historic expedition to capture the majesty of the landscape in music and film. Thirteen filmmakers, thirty-nine musicians, thirteen National Parks of Canada.
                                              from National Parks Project

Crow cage

I just finished this cage and crow, another of those projects I've been working on in my spare time. Originally it was just going to be a cage, and as usual my imagination got the best of me and I had to make a crow to go with it. Of course, the crow took as long to make as the cage, or more...but I love how it turned out. About 31 inches tall x 14 inches in diameter, with a 3ft chain for hanging. 
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