Pile de boutons 2

-Sold -
Reproductions of antique French button packets.
Hand made labels on hand-dyed and distressed paper with antique French buttons

Apothecary bottles

Part of a large batch of handmade and distressed reproduction labels for a collection of older bottles.
-S O L D -

A Day in the Country, Holiday 2017

Hope you can join us for our last show of the season,
A Day in the Country, Holiday show and sale
November 18-19          10am-4pm
903 Haldibrook Rd.
Caledonia, Ontario

Apothecary bottles

Finished up a large batch of apothecary bottles with labels, just in time for the show this weekend.
-Sold out for now-


Faux Deyrolle lepidoptery dome with 9 real preserved butterflies.
About 12.5inches high.

Convex Eye Clock

Handmade, painted and distressed convex eye clock of
my own design, about 13.5" diam. x 2.5" deep.

New age

An old glossy red-enameled creamer gets a crusty new aged-zinc paint job.

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