Georgian Mantel

My reproduction of a Georgian fireplace mantel, about 70.5" long x 55 high.
Pine, in distressed grubby white paint.
Click here for another view.
$1200 CAD

"Live a quiet life...

... work with your hands."


Just a note of thanks to those of you who came out and made it our best show to date.
After a much-needed change of pace, we're happy to be back working on our own quiet life.

And now... less than 3 weeks until our Christmas Open House!
More about that soon.

Curiosity got the better of me...


We're packing up for this weekend's show, and until then I wasn't planning on posting any more pictures. But seeing this guy sitting patiently waiting to be packed up, I had to take a quick picture.
One of my curiosities under a glass cloche, available this weekend.
Hope you can make it.

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