Faux Roe Antlers

   A few of the faux Roe deer antlers I've been working on...
made from paper pulp, resin, wood and paint.
Old metal hooks on back for hanging.

Sizes range from about 9.5" to 12.25".
(Sold out - more to come.)

Nouvelle Forme de Globe Aerostatique

My reproduction of a 1784 French airship engraving.
Hand painted with acrylic paint on aged and water-stained Arches paper. 
Wood end-rods and aged brass chain.
31.25"W x 23.25"H (plus chain)


Antique Santos for sale


Antique hand carved figure of Saint Roch with dog, in original early paint and patina.
Approx. 15.25"T x 9.75W x 6"D

click here for the story of Saint Roch, the dog, the plague...

My Jan Lievens Study

I did this portrait for several reasons, not the least of which is that I love it.
But I did take a few liberties, dialing up the chiaroscuro and altering colours.
Mainly I've been battling the heat and humidity with my other projects, so decided to park myself in front of a fan and paint something. 

Acrylic on canvas. About 30.5" x 26.5" incl.frame
Update: I have decided to keep this one for the time-being.
It may be up for sale again one day.(?)

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