Doe and Hope (and beyond hope)

Taxidermy Hooded Crow on a Victorian c.1880 Chair

 I have been laying low.
Trying to avoid distractions and finally get the upper hand on the long list of projects that have been waiting for me. 
Meanwhile, I've been suffering from withdrawal from my favorite websites like Doe&Hope, and today I broke down and took a peek.
With images like these, how am I supposed to get back to work?

I've updated my favorites list in the right column. If you haven't visited some of them in a while, please do. 
As for me? A lot of new work coming soon. Just in time for the first show of the season. Details to follow, soon.


Eric Lafforgue via artpropelled

 Seems the longer the winter stretches on, 
the more I'm listening to this one.
(... and the louder it becomes. Sorry, neighbours.)

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