One more Day in the Country!

(upholstered with antique European grainsacks with original early text.)
For those of you who told us you wish you could have come, 
or wish you would have bought,
or didn't reach fast enough...

... we've decided to extend the sale for one more day.

We're busy restocking, re-organizing

getting ready for one more day

Saturday, November 24th   10am - 4pm
903 Haldibrook Rd.  
Caledonia, On

Hope you can make it!!


  1. I was happy to hear this but sad because my husband has to work! Kim sent me an e-mail and asked that I share on my facebook page & blog that the sale will be going on again next Saturday which I was more than happy to do! I will post again on Thursday. Maybe I can get in early this time so I can take some really good photos? It was so crowded I didn't get many good shots!~Melanie

  2. Hey there...just wanted to let you know I LOVE my dome I got from you today..put it on the mantle and it looks amazing,will post it soon! Hope the day went well for you two..all the best,Chrissy

  3. Hi Daryl, Anne and I had a great time today, once we found you!! We were both very happy with our treasures! Everyone was very kind and hospitable and we were so glad we came...please keep us posted for future sales. N.


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