Bracing for the falls

photo Brook Tyler
 Just wanted to share some pictures that I stumbled taken at the site of our next show...

The 37th Annual Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Festival, a 4-day show on the weekend of
Canadian Thanksgiving, October 7th-10th. 

photo by Michael Reichmann
I will be posting more information later on, but for now you can click here and here for info, or for a map and help getting there, click here.  Hope you can make it, and stop by to see us in the big barn to say Hello!

photo Brook Tyler 

Wild turkeys

Because Nicole makes these stuffed turkeys with reclaimed wool, fabric, buttons, they do vary a bit. Freestanding at about 16 inches tall on wrapped wire legs. ( about 24 inches tip to tail ) $85 Cdn.
Please email for availability.     Click photos to enlarge.
Sold out for now.

Fall coming quickly

One of our large 14-inch fabric pumpkins
We're working frantically, finishing up with orders and starting on lots of new projects for Fall. 6 weeks till showtime! Watch for new work in the coming weeks.

Fall and 3 Gnossiennes

The Bohemian portrait of Erik Satie

A friend sent me Ciccolini's version of Erik Satie's 3 Gnossiennes a while ago. I like the pace of it much better than most versions I've heard, but I haven't had much of a chance to listen to it. So today I put it in while I was working...painting by the window with the (finally) much cooler air coming in, flocks of geese flying over, squirrels dropping walnuts from the tree... It just seemed to fit the day.
At the top, 'The Bohemian portrait of Erik Satie' by Santiago Rusinol, mainly because I love the room.  Can't wait for Fall!
Update Mar. 20,2012...I just noticed that the video I had posted has been removed from YouTube. Since I can't find a replacement, I have substituted it with this version.

Shoe Shop

 Reproduction 19th century Shoe Shop sign, on aged new wood. Approximately 32"high x 14"wide. Antique square nails and hanger.    Sold.

From Apothecary to Wunderkammer...

black pool

Le Petit Musee de Lou

fine art america

Le Petit Musee de Lou

new urban habitat

Le petit musee de Lou

It's no secret that I love anything to do with early apothecary, natural history, cabinet of when I come across great photographs like these of the things I love, I have no choice but to post them.
Beautiful, no?

Drawn conclusion

I recently came across some old photos of artwork I had done in the past. Really lousy photos taken long before a digital camera...and I had been thinking about whether or not I should post any of them on here. I mean, as well as being a blog, this also functions as a kind of personal scrapbook of what I'm working on.
So this morning when I stumbled across this picture from Little Blue Deer...

...seeing obvious similarities, I decided to post this...

A charcoal and conte drawing on paper of my favorite old wool coat from College. Both the drawing and the coat are long gone, and I wouldn't mind having either of them back again.

New Hampshire Bucket Bench

My reproduction of a 1800-1830 New Hampshire bucket bench in heavily distressed oyster paint. Wide pine boards with bootjack cutouts and one drawer. 38" long x 32"high x 12.5"deep.  Sold.

1784 portrait

Just finished this custom reproduction of a 1784 portrait of a 1 year old boy and his dog. 22.5" high x 16.5" wide.  Sold.
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