Draughts board


My reproduction of an early draughts board, in a layered putty colour on faded black.
Made the same as the original, with missing front cleat, two split boards that have slightly shifted out of square, and applied trim attached with old square cut nails. 
A large, hefty board at about 35 x 20 inches. 

Articles de Fantaisie

My reproduction of a 19th century shop sign from New Orleans' French Quarter, in a smaller size and different colour palette than the original.

Pine panel with applied moulding and rusty eye-hooks.
Just shy of 46 x 18 x 2 inches.

Cordonnerie Franco-Belge


Large reproduction "Cordonnerie" sign, about 40"wide x 30"tall.

The original of this sign was lettered in gold. (...of which I'm not a fan.)  My version has the text in a warm taupe/straw colour, (which doesn't come across in this photo) on a hand-burnished black background, with "remnants" of trim and rusted tacks.

Master Henriks

There's nothing better than waking in the morning to great, inspiring photos that get you excited about the day's work.  Just what happened this morning when I saw these, at Magnus Lundgren's blog Master Henriks , so I had to share. Click here to see more.

Have a good Easter weekend
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