Mortar and pestle

Very large antique treen mortar and pestle with early metal repairs.
Mortar alone is 29 inches tall x 13 inch diameter, 
with pestle as shown is 40 inches tall.
(ladle not included)
Please email for details.

Photos from the show


So many of you have asked to see pictures from the show last weekend, but unfortunately the few I took weren't something I would want to show off. Thankfully, Kathy from Eclectic Pelican Antiques was good enough to share a few of hers, so I am able to oblige... with at least a few of the booths.


clothing from MagnoliaPearl
"What's his name's" booth.

The fork in the road

Jean Dieuzaide, Albarracin, Spain  via
I've known for a long time that it was coming, but I've been dragging my feet. Lollygagging. Dawdling.
Burying myself in projects... anything to avoid committing to that first uneasy step.
But now I'm here... toes pointed in the right direction, weight shifted slightly forward...
Somebody, give me a push.
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