Dye Works sign


I had been looking for an opportunity to try a new paint finish, so when I saw the original of this sign on Pinterest, it seemed like a good candidate to try it out on.
About 22"high x 16"wide.

Outside the window...

... things are changing. Yes, they are calling for 10-15 cm of snow tonight, but at least for today my walk was in the mud. The birds sounded different today, and you could smell a change coming.
It may still be February, but I'm watching the window.

photo by Noel Glynn 

It's all in the details

I often get emails asking for detail photos of paint finishes, distressing, etc.
 To be honest, so often when I finish something I'm in such a mad rush to get it off to a show or packed up for shipping, it's lucky if I even remember to take a photo at all...but after digging through some photos I realised that I do have a few...so, in no particular order....

full sign photo here 

full cupboard photo here 
full sign photo here 
full drysink photo here 

full cupboard photo here 

full view of figures here 
(click photos to enlarge)

Practicing what I preach

I know, nobody likes to sit through a slideshow of someone's vacation pictures. But we just got back from 2 weeks with our feet up in Ixtapa, Mexico...and if nothing else I needed to offer evidence that I've been practising what I preach, and provide an explanation of why I haven't been responding to emails lately.

I didn't take my computer along, so I'm looking forward to catching up with all my favorite blogs and sites...but mostly I'm excited to get back to work! I've got alot of new ideas so I hope you'll watch for new work coming in the near future. (Now, if I could just get warm!)

Humble living

photo ixos via 

"Humble living does not diminish. It fills. Going back to a simpler self gives wisdom."
                                                               - Rumi

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