Paris when it sizzles

Every summer when the humidity hits and we start looking for ways to keep the house as cool and dry as possible...I start fantasizing about an outdoor shower. Though, I'm not sure it would be such a fantasy for the neighbours.

photo twig hutchinson

Pharmacy lamp

I recently found this lamp at a store, broken in half and in shiny-lacquered brass. I bought it thinking that I could use some of the parts, but instead changed its form a bit and gave it an aged zinc paint finish. $5 and a couple of hours work for what is now one of my favorite lamps!

Weekend photo shoot

A friend and I spent the weekend taking pictures of new stock for my upcoming website, and since I haven't had a chance to post entries lately, I thought I'd show you a sample. Please watch for my website, coming soon, at .
Update.... change of plans for the website.

Can't get enough of...

via tineK home
via abundance
...this colour pallette, crumbling plaster, aged wood, old industrial, chipping paint, taxidermy.....and great photography.

Blue piesafe

Reproduction piesafe in layered dark blues over mustard. 12 punched tin panels, 1 drawer, 3 interior shelves. H59" x W38" x D16"

Sewing box

One of Nicole's sewing boxes, this one with a hinged lid, old button closure, padded interior and pincushion attached to lid. L8.75" x W6.75" x H5.25" with pincushion. (contents not included.) Sold.
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