Maybe it's an odd subject for a post, but I spent the whole day yesterday carving with a knife, and woke this morning with hands so sore I could barely make a fist. By midmorning they had begun to loosen, and ironically I spent the remainder of the day sculpting tiny hands for another project. It made me think about my hands, and all the things I put them through. I carve with them, paint, hammer, weld, sand, sculpt, stitch and draw. I never wear gloves, and Nicole claims that every day I injure them in some new way.  They are always bandaged, scabbed, greasy, dirty and stained, and every time I stab them, pinch them, hammer or slice them...I hear from behind me..."See?"
They are the best tools I own, the only ones that have never been replaced. I once sliced the tip off one of my fingers, but it grew back. I spend all day, every day, working with them right in front of my chest and have never given them much thought. Today I did.

Pantry Boxes

Sturdy round pasteboard pantry boxes in a layered paint and hand-rubbed wax finish to look like antique wooden bandboxes. "Faux" tacks. Large sizes have aged metal and wood bale handles.
see below for numbers. (prices in Canadian $$)
(1) 10"W x 6"H black  $42 (Sold)
(2) 8"W x 4"T lichen grey  $35 (Sold)
(3) 12.5"W x 7.5"T Sage green w/handle  $54 (Sold)
(4) 9"W x 4.25"H grey/blue  $36 (Sold)
(5) 9.4"W x 5"T steel grey  $36(Sold)
(6) 7.5"W x 3.75"T pale grey  $34(Sold)
(7) 7"W x 3"T grey/green  $32 (lid in foreground)(Sold)
(8) 9.4"W x 5"T lichen grey  $36 (Sold)
(9) 8"W x 4"T soldier blue $35 (Sold)

Hanging in there...

I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post!
First off...Nicole and I really want to thank all of you that came to the show, and made it our best show to date! I apologise to those of you that we weren't able to visit with when the booth was so busy, but it was great meeting so many of you in the time we had.
Also, thanks to those of you who stuck with my blog when I haven't had time to keep it moving. We're slowly getting back on track, and I promise that regular posts will resume shortly.
Hard to believe that it is now only 4 weeks until our Christmas Open House!
So for now, please hang in there...I'll have something up this weekend.
Thanks again!

Printers Sign


 My reproduction of a late 1800's printer's sign. Double sided, about 36.3" x 19" plus hooks.

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