Drawn conclusion

I recently came across some old photos of artwork I had done in the past. Really lousy photos taken long before a digital camera...and I had been thinking about whether or not I should post any of them on here. I mean, as well as being a blog, this also functions as a kind of personal scrapbook of what I'm working on.
So this morning when I stumbled across this picture from Little Blue Deer...

...seeing obvious similarities, I decided to post this...

A charcoal and conte drawing on paper of my favorite old wool coat from College. Both the drawing and the coat are long gone, and I wouldn't mind having either of them back again.


  1. Beautiful drawing Daryl with its interesting contrasts enhanced by the wire hanger- I love it.

  2. I love it too!

    Very pleased that we can leave comments now. Will 'go' through your highly interesting posts again...soon....'reserved' it for a Sunday morning.
    Greetings from PĂ©rigord,

  3. Stunning! The coat hanger's shadow is my favourite part!

  4. Wonderful drawing and presentation of the subject. Thanks for sharing it! And I often think f something from my past I would like to have back now.....


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