Fall and 3 Gnossiennes

The Bohemian portrait of Erik Satie

A friend sent me Ciccolini's version of Erik Satie's 3 Gnossiennes a while ago. I like the pace of it much better than most versions I've heard, but I haven't had much of a chance to listen to it. So today I put it in while I was working...painting by the window with the (finally) much cooler air coming in, flocks of geese flying over, squirrels dropping walnuts from the tree... It just seemed to fit the day.
At the top, 'The Bohemian portrait of Erik Satie' by Santiago Rusinol, mainly because I love the room.  Can't wait for Fall!
Update Mar. 20,2012...I just noticed that the video I had posted has been removed from YouTube. Since I can't find a replacement, I have substituted it with this version.

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