This cupboard - or dish dresser- doesn't really have a particular vernacular, since I made it up of parts from several different pieces from different cupboards that I have seen. Part Irish, American, Scottish, and French Canadian and some parts from my head. Though I liked the look of a bank of small spice drawers (typically a Scottish feature) I also know that small drawers can have limited use. For that reason, it is actually 3 drawers, with false fronts to make it appear as if it has 6 smaller ones.
(The paint is actually faded black, but because I had to photograph it outside, the reflected light in the photo makes it appear greenish.) Pine, Hand beaded back boards, raised panel mortise&tenon door, aged H-hinges and square nails, 2 interior shelves in lower case.

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  1. I adore this piece (actually I adore all your creations!) and I particularly love the fact it's so practical too, I've always loved spice draws but never had much to put in them, yours are the best of both worlds! The would look fabulous in our kitchen!


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