Wire Egg basket

One of my jobs when I was a kid was 'picking' the eggs. I know, most people call it gathering---we called it picking. My brothers and I would play catch with the eggs on the way back to the house, swing the pail over our heads, throw them as high as we could and try to catch them without breaking them. It's pretty amazing that any of them ever made it back to the house, but I guess we probably knew that the fewer eggs we brought in, the fewer we would have to wash.
Now I really miss having chickens around, and my eye is always drawn to old chicken feeders, coops, egg baskets...so when I saw an old egg basket I decided to try making one. I'm happy enough with the way it turned out, but since it took me the better part of a day to make, I'm not likely to go into full-time production. Just wanted to show how it turned out.

A picture from Skona Hem, showing a similar basket in Mark & Sally Bailey's Whitecross Farm in England.

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