Photos from the show


So many of you have asked to see pictures from the show last weekend, but unfortunately the few I took weren't something I would want to show off. Thankfully, Kathy from Eclectic Pelican Antiques was good enough to share a few of hers, so I am able to oblige... with at least a few of the booths.


clothing from MagnoliaPearl
"What's his name's" booth.


  1. Daryl, I am SO sorry I had to miss this! It looks like my type of vintage sale! I particularly like the vintage dress forms, but especially your sign "articles de fantasies". Seems to convey what I envision selling in my shop.....I would like to have this someday soon! I would like to inquire further about it....also what becomes of the sale items chance to purchase other than on line?? Curious...N.

  2. This looks like it was a sensational show. Many items to covet.

  3. Thanks Seth. The next one is in November... not too far to drive from NYC is it?
    ; )


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