The fork in the road

Jean Dieuzaide, Albarracin, Spain  via
I've known for a long time that it was coming, but I've been dragging my feet. Lollygagging. Dawdling.
Burying myself in projects... anything to avoid committing to that first uneasy step.
But now I'm here... toes pointed in the right direction, weight shifted slightly forward...
Somebody, give me a push.


  1. Hi Daryl, how was the show for you ? So sorry to have missed it, as we were away. Help me here.....where are going that requires a gentle push? N.

  2. Hi Nella, the show was great, thanks. Sorry you missed it. Maybe next time?

    The push?-- to follow the muse, and only the muse.

  3. just do it......i know you can.....

  4. Sorry, I am a little slow......from what I have seen here in just a short while, you need to just follow your inner is very good, very, very good! Take the leap! N.xo

  5. Hello Daryl:
    But where shall wisdom be found?!!


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