Cordonnerie Franco-Belge


Large reproduction "Cordonnerie" sign, about 40"wide x 30"tall.

The original of this sign was lettered in gold. (...of which I'm not a fan.)  My version has the text in a warm taupe/straw colour, (which doesn't come across in this photo) on a hand-burnished black background, with "remnants" of trim and rusted tacks.


  1. Hello Daryl:
    Such a wonderful sign and, like you, we prefer it in these more muted, classical tones. One can in life have rather too much in the way of gold.

    The basilica, here in Budapest, has emerged after years of painstaking restoration glittering all over with applied gold leaf. Perhaps in 100 years it will tone down a little!

  2. Yet, again, another beautiful work of art.

    Frank and Pam


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