All Dark and Handsome...

photo source here

(why don't they make cameras that look like this anymore?)

photo Gabrielle Malmberg,  source via MasterHenriks 

photo via Obsolete 

Just a few of my favorites from brown dress with white dots...a great tumblr that I only recently discovered. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the sources for most of the photos, so if any of you are familiar with them and can fill me in, I'd appreciate it. (My email address is in my 'about me' profile, or you can leave a comment) Thanks.


  1. I see beauty . . .

    Really love your blog!
    So nice that you are now allowing comments!

    Lori Ann

  2. Thanks Lori Ann!

    I'm slowly figuring it out.

  3. Loving all the contrasts in these photos.


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