Maybe I have a guilty conscience, but lately I feel like I'm getting more than my fair share of happy. To end the most beautiful month of June I can remember with a perfect extended long weekend seems like too much perfect for one person.
As is usual with me, when I take time off I spend most of it thinking about work, and all the projects I'm excited to finish, or start, or just play around with. I spent alot of time thinking about J.Morgan Puett, and Mildred's lane , and how much impact her aesthetic (particularly in her installations) has had on my I decided to post some pictures as a reminder, if not for you,  for myself. The last one is a video for the song I've had in my head all week...seemed like a perfect soundtrack for the weekend.

                     Photos from here and here.   Video - Max Richter - 'Embers'

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  1. Oh these are wonderful! I am not familiar with these artists but will now have to become so as they are truly fabulous! Thank you so much for this! Warmest wishes - Glenda


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