Nicola Samori

Une motivo in piu vorrei che avessi continuato con le mie lezioni di Italiano.

visit: Nicola Samori


  1. Very interesting work;
    His earlier sculptures are terribly "morbid", his more recent paintings are very interesting.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love your blog - very very "atmospheric".

  2. Thanks Hanna,
    I love his earlier work, but am also more interested in in his recent paintings.

    I was thinking of you today. Knowledge network is showing "Andy Warhol" late on monday night, and after reading your recent post I thought you might be as interested as I am.

  3. So glad to have established the mutual interests.
    I did not know of Knowledge Network - I am signing right now, tks for the tip.

    Your site is very "stoic" and very tasteful.
    Best of Nostalgia AND Melancholy...
    I am remaining your fan.


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