French Clock Face


My recent reproduction of a large c.1900 French clock face.
The original was almost 6 ft in diameter, I reduced mine significantly to 32".
Still large enough to have some presence without taking over.

Wood, painted to look like old metal, with sculpted and painted hands.
(3/8" shaft and hole and recess on back, in case some ambitious soul wants to fit it with a high-torque movement.)
detail of the minute hand. (Shows the colours more accurately.)


  1. You have been up to creating magic over there!
    Just beautiful Daryl, it looks so old and lovely! N.

  2. Its wonderful... such attention to detail.
    Did you get your copy of Canadian Folk Art to 1950 by Fleming and Rowan yet.
    Every time I venture through the pages I think Daryl could do that...

  3. Thanks everyone.
    And yes Susan, a friend bought that book for me a few weeks ago... it's great isn't it? Maybe you'll see some of my versions at Day in the Country in May? A lot to finish before then!

  4. Hello Daryl. Wonderful that we can admire what you do. The clock face is amazing. You are great!:)
    Joanna and Jola

  5. I am amazed at your commitment to detail and craft Daryl. Your work inspires me to keep doing what I do and to refine my craft and methods. Loved your post about hands. Mine are never healed either, and often wonder what I'd do if I lost use of them.
    - Pete Vogel


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