Burlap horse


A larger horse pulltoy made up of mostly antique parts and materials.
Carved pine armature and base, stuffed with cedar shavings and covered in burlap, leather ears, aged metal details and cast iron wheels.
approx. 23" tall x 21" long x 7" wide


  1. Absolutely magnificent but as an animal lover I must asked what you used for the tail.

  2. Thanks, Susan.
    As for the tail, rest assured that I didn't kill anybody. It is real fur,and very old, but I don't know who it belonged to. Maybe coyote?
    For the record, I agree, and when we need fur for something we either use faux or buy old coats etc. from the secondhand store.

  3. Gorgeous Daryl! Everything I love, horses, vintage wood, leather and burlap! Warmest of wishes - Glenda

  4. Very beautiful, and I'm glad about the tail.

  5. Daryl, this is truly beautiful! You are a very talented artist! Waiting patiently for the renovation to be completed so I can place my sign .....hope you are having a great summer! N.

  6. Love the horse!!!!! As you know!!!

    Don't worry about the fur...it is an honor to the animal which/who ever it was...to be kept in a very special and artistic piece.

    got a few old fox fur pieces and would love to pass it on to you.....but HOW ?????

  7. The horse is exquisite! What a lovely piece.

  8. We love the horse. Great use of the burlap.

    Pam and Frank


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