Holidays at FKM

Just a couple of great holiday shots from Finderskeepers Market inc.  Check out the rest, here , or click the New Victorian Ruralist link to the right.


  1. Loved the pictures.. thanks for sharing. But have to tell you that reading the print against your black background is almost impossible.

  2. I had to laugh when I saw the cotton-wood seed balls there...or at least that's what they look like. Where I'm from (North Texas) the lack of humidity would have those things exploding in a poofy cloud of floating seeds within a week. Mom never us even bring them in the house. :~)

  3. that what they are? If they explode, probably not a good idea to ask you to mail me a few hundred? lol!
    Jacqueline, I love the pics too. As far as the print colour, I've viewed the blog on several computers and have never had any difficulty reading it. Could be that the contrast or brightness of your monitor needs adjustment? Let me know, and if it's aproblem I'll see about adjusting. Thanks


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