Maybe it's an odd subject for a post, but I spent the whole day yesterday carving with a knife, and woke this morning with hands so sore I could barely make a fist. By midmorning they had begun to loosen, and ironically I spent the remainder of the day sculpting tiny hands for another project. It made me think about my hands, and all the things I put them through. I carve with them, paint, hammer, weld, sand, sculpt, stitch and draw. I never wear gloves, and Nicole claims that every day I injure them in some new way.  They are always bandaged, scabbed, greasy, dirty and stained, and every time I stab them, pinch them, hammer or slice them...I hear from behind me..."See?"
They are the best tools I own, the only ones that have never been replaced. I once sliced the tip off one of my fingers, but it grew back. I spend all day, every day, working with them right in front of my chest and have never given them much thought. Today I did.


  1. I have trouble wearing gloves too...especially when landscaping. The times I have done so, I was glad, given the thorny plants that live here and the blisters I avoided.

    What were you carving?

  2. Those are truly talented hands. Take good care of them.

  3. JD...I've been carving a bunch of different things, mostly for Christmas. As soon as Halloween is over I'll start posting some of the pics of things we've been working on.
    Alwen (B.G.), Thanks as always, I will!
    Annie...Thank you! Thanks to your help I can now comment again!
    You guys are the best!

  4. ...I love my hands. And my eyes. Neither are pretty by society's standards but I love 'em nonetheless. They give, they receive, they work and I never take 'em for granted. Lord don't ever take away my sight or my hands. Please. Never. Amen.

    ...Can't wait to see what you two have been working on. I'm sure it's splendid. ;o)

    ...Enjoy your day!



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