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One week to go before the show...tired, drained, feeling and looking a lot like roadkill... but excited, since we have finally agreed that we're totally redoing the house at the end of show season. Can't wait, but now we have to find a colour palette we can agree on. I'm currently into this chalky slate colour with creamy flat white. Any thoughts?


  1. Yes - DIVINE!!!!! I really adore slate grey with tan and chocolate as you have shown in that fabulous room. Dusty grey looks so good with old tatty brown leather and battered wood doesn't it? If you're anything like us, it takes us months to decide on which creamy off white is right - Chalk by Zoffany and Farrow and Balls's Off White are are favourites particularly in a distemper paint for that ultimate chalky bloom! Warmest wishes to you both for a fabulous weekend - Glenda xxx

  2. ...Simply gorgeous! You rarely see that chalky slate used but when I do see it - I love it. I dunno if people shy away from it or what the reason is you don't see it more but it pairs beautifully with the creamy white too. Whatever you both decide please share photos of the final outcome, 'kay? :o)

    ...I doubt seriously either of you look like roadkill. Feel like roadkill - maybe. ;o) Either way, I'm certain the show will be an utter success!

    ...Have a wonderful weekend! :o)


  3. Just a heavenly pairing, listen to Glenda, she is a genius. I have so many F&B match tins now it like a magnificent obsession, but I keep changing my mind.

  4. Not knowing your house what thought can one have...
    But knowing your blog and your taste - you do not need any suggestions about paint work from the world.

    Love slate colors in combination with any kind of soft colors.

    I can imagine that you feel drained from the long preparation for the show. Actually I always felt like a flat tire after the fair, before my adrenalin went right up!
    Good luck to you and Nicole, you are both great artists!


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